ASP.NET Development

            ASP.NET is a Server Side Scripting technology that enables scripts (embedded in web pages) to be executed by an Windows Web Server and is a powerful and flexible Programming Technology. It is a Web application framework developed and marketed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic Web sites, Web applications and Web services.

Some of ASP.NET Features:

  • Easier and quicker programming
  • Reduced amount of code
  • Declarative programming model
  • Richer server control hierarchy with events
  • Larger class library
  • Better support for development tools
  • Easily Upgradeable
  • Mainly Programming languages: C# (Pronounced C sharp), Visual Basic (VB .NET)

Advantages of ASP.NET over PHP:

  • The code-behind allows you easier to maintain the code when it comes to large websites.
  • With built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration, your applications are safe and secured.
  • It provides better performance by taking advantage of early binding, just-in-time compilation, native optimization, and caching services right out of the box.
  • All the processes are closely monitored and managed by the ASP.NET runtime, so that if process is dead, a new process can be created in its place, which helps keep your application constantly available to handle requests.
  • ASP.NET makes for easy deployment. There is no need to register components because the configuration information is built-in.
  • You have the freedom of choosing from multiple languages (C#, VB.NET, C++, etc).
  • Easily works with ADO.NET using data-binding and page formatting features. It is an application which runs faster and counters large volumes of users without having performance problems, And supports varity of databases like SQL Server, MS Access, Informix, MySQL, Oracle, Sbase, etc.
  • With ASP.NET you get the whole .NET Class Library and the thousands of third party components as well. There are definitely much more third party components out there for .NET than for PHP.
  • The Visual Studio .NET IDE makes coding much, much easier. Visual Studio has a really nice Debugger.
  • The Compiled Code (vs. PHP Interpreted Code) – .NET compiles code, such as C#, into what its creators have termed MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language).
  • In ASP.NET it’s easy to use threads and build asynchronous handlers in your server-side web code.